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Readers’ Choice Awards—Historical Winners

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We have compiled a listing of our historical Readers’ Choice Award winners—so you can see at a glance who consistently wins praise and who the perennial contenders are, shown by the years they have won their particular categories.

To see these results, and a summary of each category, simple click on the category you are interested in below. This will take you to the relevant category page.

Readers’ Choice Awards Historical Winners—Best Products And Services Over The Last 25 Years
Artificial Intelligence Software (Expert, Neural) End-of-Day Data (Download On Demand)
FOREX Brokerages Futures Brokerages
Futures Trading Systems Institutional Platforms
Mobile Trading App Online Analytical Platforms
Options Analysis Software Options Trading Systems
Portfolio Management Professional Platforms
Real-Time/Delayed Data (Continuous Feed) Software Plug-Ins
Standalone Analytical Software, $ Standalone Analytical Software, $$
Standalone Analytical Software, $$$ Stock Brokerages
Stock Trading Systems Technical Analysis Websites
Trading Centers, Schools, Training

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