July 1998, Vol.16 No. 7

18 Channel Analysis
by Thom Hartle
Early identification of the channels of a tradable's movement can give you important information, including trend direction, profit objectives and risk points. 

22 Trend channels

28 Secure Fractional Money Management
by Leo J. Zamansky, Ph.D., and David C. Stendahl
Find a new fractional value of capital to invest in every trade to maximize returns subject to a constraint on drawdown, using a variation of the optimal f money management.

44 Barrier Stops and Trendlines
by Jeffrey Owen Katz, Ph.D., and Donna L. McCormick
This time, examine the effect that eliminating entries would have if the trendline stop was further than a given amount.

44 C++ codes
49 Trendline detector

51 On System Development, Part 2
by Mark Vakkur, M.D.
Here are the steps to take for anyone who's interested in developing a stock market system.

65 Truth in Futures: John Hill
by Thom Hartle
The publisher of Futures Truth talks about the publication, why novices could benefit from mechanical systems and what details are important to evaluate the performance of a system.

74 Donchian's trading guides

87 A Volatility Trade in Gold
by David Landry, CTA
Volatility indicators and pattern recognition were combined with trend-following methods to capture a breakout in the gold futures market.

89 Formulas
90 2/20-day EMA breakout system defined

93 Predict the Stock Market with Earnings per Share
by Randall J. Covill
Is there a correlation between changes in earnings per share and market performance? 

102 Triangles
by David Vomund
When an existing trend ends, a triangle often develops. Here's how to make use of this classic pattern.

- LIFFE Data, page 64

- BOLT, version 3.01, page 97

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