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Anyone interested in profiting from the markets is always looking for good trading ideas. So the ability to share ideas with people of similar interests from around the world is something that all traders will welcome. has entered the social network arena for traders by providing you with a unique tool with which to communicate your ideas with other traders. has developed a cloud-based, state-of-the-art online charting application that any technical trader will find of interest. Given that the parent company of is trading software developer MultiCharts, it’s no surprise that they would have come up with something so technologically modern and targeted at technical analysts.

Learn, Track, and Share
It would be hard to miss the three large icons on the home page (Figure 1) — “Learn,” “Track,” and “Share” — which really are the main features of this site. I found it very easy to get carried away navigating from feature to feature on this site, so having it organized into the three categories helped point me in the direction I wanted to go.

In the Learn category, you get to view ideas of other traders as well as provide your input or feedback. Even though you should be wary of other people’s trading recommendations or insights, I always enjoy reading what others have to say, especially when they have charts with supporting commentary. And clicking through some of the posts by the members of the community was quite enjoyable. I also found a good range of articles, with some based on very simple technical analysis to others that had quite a rare collection of indicators.

I found to be a well-designed site that is fun and easy to use.What was really interesting about the charts posted in the Learn category was that you can apply the “Load new bars” feature. This gives you the opportunity to see if what the poster forecasted was indeed correct. Just like with most social networking sites, you can post comments, agree/disagree with the poster, share the post, and opt to follow the poster if you think they know what they are doing.

If you find that there are too many posts to go through, as is usually the case, you can filter the posts by stocks, forex, futures, and indexes. These are the four types of tradables you will find on

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