S&C Volume Books — Volume 12

Volume 12

If there was a Hall of Fame for technical analysis, it might well be in the pages of the STOCKS & COMMODITIES volume books. In our pages, every year we gather the titans of technical trading, where they share their techniques, their perspective, and their predictions.

Here, for instance, you’ll learn from Martin Zweig about the value of change, and, in his own words, why it’s important to constantly adjust which indicators and models one uses. See the value of the McClellan oscillator and understand the true function of market volatility — as described by Sherman McClellan. And if you’ve ever looked at a position based on MACD, you’ll want to read what Gerald Appel — the man who invented MACD — told us.

As usual, we present cutting-edge methods and thoughtful studies, everything from Anthony W. Warren’s take on momentum trading to small commodity account trading. All presented clearly for your understanding and further study. Other techniques and studies that will help you trade smarter include:

This book is like a history course and an investment class all at once. If you’re looking for ways to make smart trades in the coming year, add STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 12 to your library today!

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