S&C Volume Books — Volume 13

Volume 13

Of all the tools that STOCKS & COMMODITIES can make available to you, there is one for which you alone are responsible: Your brain.

You can, however, obtain the next-best thing from STOCKS & COMMODITIES — techniques to put into your brain and an understanding of how to react to the results of your trades.

For your brain, therefore, let us suggest STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 13. Start with the Perry Kaufman interview and learn how and why trading systems are built. Then read about Tom DeMark’s lifelong study of the technical aspects of trading, and learn from his meticulous crafting of trading systems. Then read Robert Krausz’s case for backtesting any trading system and putting it to work.

We can fill your brain with techniques, too, everything from Tushar Chande’s time-price oscillator to trading with cup-and-handle. Think of STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 13 as a great way to upload trading thinkware.

Other techniques and studies that will help you trade smarter include:

This book is like a history course and an investment class all at once. If you’re looking for ways to make smart trades in the coming year, add STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 13 to your library today!

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