S&C Volume Books — Volume 15

Volume 15

Making smart trades in the markets requires more than a hunch. It requires knowledge and work.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the wisdom that a doctoral degree represents — without having to invest the time and the money in the acquisition of knowledge?

That’s the principle behind STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 15. We gather people with doctoral degrees and years of practical knowledge and convey that information to you in a way that’s convenient and easy to understand.

Industry pioneers like Ralph Acampora and John Bollinger speak plainly about timing trades for the maximum chance of success. Andrew Lo of MIT’s Sloan School of Management explains why some traders are misapplying techniques both old and new (and how you can avoid doing so). And even if you’re not trading bonds, you should know what’s happening in the bond markets — which is why we interviewed Alex Saitta.

This is just the tip of the iceberg — and yet still will get you trading smarter and faster than taking the time to get that advanced degree.

Here’s what else you’ll find to improve your trading:

If putting your assets on the line with the most knowledge you can acquire is your trading plan, add STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 15 to your library today!

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