S&C Volume Books — Volume 16

Volume 16

“From Main Street to Wall Street, traders and investors alike will feast upon the strategies and tools created and used by academics and practitioners.”
Ralph Acampora, Prudential Securities

Name your market, and "sizzling" is the best way to describe recent activity. Up and down they go... you practically get whiplash.

To profit from volatility requires homework, and here’s your textbook. Study carefully its nearly 100 articles on trading techniques. They will make you a better trader. Then consider your options and find the one that works best for you.

But without looking at these many methods for anticipating movement, you’ll be left at the mercy of whatever inexperienced brokers, self-important broadcasters or basement-office newsletter publishers offer to you as sound advice.

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew the best way to judge how a market, a stock, a commodity or a bond would fare? If real-world tested techniques could show you the likely path your potential investment will take?

Of course there is, and this is the book that will teach you the methods of success. Just study them, choose the one (or several) that satisfy your requirements for an investment tool, and get to work.

Just a handful of the techniques that will work for you include:

Giving you the latest and most effective discourse on trading strategies, this volume, the 16th volume in the Professional Traders’ Series, is essential reading for any technical trader.

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