S&C Volume Books — Volume 17

Volume 17

“How does one start using technical analysis and then stay abreast of the latest developments? The answer is found in the concepts discussed in STOCKS & COMMODITIES articles. They cover the full range of experience and expertise with great clarity.”
John Ehlers, president, MESA Software

“Successful trading is a function of knowing what to do and what not to do. This year’s collection of articles from Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES is bound to show you the difference.”
Larry Williams, trader, author

“The one essential publication that’s an absolute must-read in the area of technical analysis.”
Gary B. Smith, contributing editor, TheStreet.com

Record index levels. Massive trading volume. Abrupt moves both up and down.

The markets in 1999 were ripe with the potential for tremendous gains, and technical analysts knew the ways to make the right decisions — with tools that will work in any market, in any year.

Collected into Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, The Professional Traders’ Series Volume 17 is a year’s worth of the best ideas, methodologies, and approaches. Use them to gauge when to enter a market and when to exit. Understand how your emotions can interfere with reasoned trading, and take advantage of the latest systems to prevent making costly, irrational trading errors.

Add to that interviews with some of the keenest minds and most experienced hands in the trading arena — Robert Zellner, David Nassar, and Moe Ansari among them — and you’ll find the words, techniques, and formulas in the pages of this book to serve you well this year and in years to come.

Just a handful of the techniques that will work for you include:

Containing exceptional thinking, exciting concepts, and effective trading approaches, this volume, the 17th volume in the Professional Traders’ Series, is important reading for any technical trader.

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