S&C Volume Books — Volume 4 Intelligent Trading

Volume 4

Build a foundation for solid investments by adding this volume to your trading library. A series of chapters on the Wyckoff method — classic charting pioneered by Richard Wyckoff in the 1930s — will give you a solid education for the rigors of technical analysis as applied to markets. Even seasoned speculators will appreciate having these essential articles in a handy reference work.

There’s more. You’ve used it or heard about the relative strength index, but have you read about it in the words of J. Welles Wilder, who invented the technique? In these very pages, you’ll get the best understanding of this key technique, direct and unfiltered.

Looking for more basic techniques? Read this volume’s interview with Robert Prechter, the leading proponent of Elliott wave theory. Once you’ve heard him in his own words, you’ll have an even greater understanding of its place in the pantheon of technical trading tools — and how you can use it to describe the markets.

What can you use? Consider the following:

There’s no better place to get these crucial techniques— or reacquaint yourself with them — than STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Intelligent Trading, Volume 4. It’s must reading for any technical trader.

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