S&C CONTENTS PAGE October 2002, Vol. 20 No. 10

Calendar Spreads
by Joe Corona and Bill Winger
Look at the different ways you can use this strategy! 

Bernie Schaeffer-Interview
by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Bernie Schaeffer, chairman of Schaeffer's Investment Research, author and newsletter editor, has a lot to say about the market. 

The Titans Of Technical Analysis
by David Penn
A not-so-random walk through the history of charting the markets. 

The Truth About Trendlines
by Thomas Bulkowski
Many rumors about trendlines are true. Find out what isn't. 

Beat The Markets With McNeel And Lynch
by James Maccaro
Two viewpoints, both resulting in spectacular gains. 

by Don Bright
This professional trader answers a few of your questions. 

Designing Volatility Breakout Systems
by Paolo Pezzutti
Interested in improving your system's profit factor? Here are some suggestions.

Explore Your Options
by Tom Gentile
Got a question about options? Get your answer here. 

Using Breakdowns
by Len Yates
Breakdowns are handy patterns to keep an eye on. 

The RSI Smoothed
by John F. Ehlers
Here's how you can enhance the performance of the RSI. 

When Will This Cruel Market Be Over?
by Tim W. Wood, CPA
The secrets of cycles fused with Dow theory is a powerful combination for market forecasting. 

Evaluate Your Risk
by Simon Vine
To determine risk, you must filter statistical factors. How? 

Andrews Pitchfork Vs. Speed Resistance Lines
by Sharon Yamanaka
Can you have too much support? 

If Beta Doesn't Work, What Does?
by William G.S. Brown, Ph.D.
Beta not doing it for you? Try the price regression line.

Trading Consultants
Consultants consult on just about every worry that traders have. They have been called in to consult on everything from tax advice to weather reporting. Can this help you? Maybe.


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