S&C Volume Books — Volume 9

Volume 9

Unless you’re already an authority, one of the quickest and easiest ways to acquire knowledge is to seek out the experts.

Or you could just add this volume to your collection of trading books. Just within these pages are far-reaching and instructive interviews with many experts in the field of technical analysis. Giants like Richard Arms, John Murphy, Steve Shobin, Paul Merriman, Tim Hayes, Alex Elder, Ralph Bloch, William Byers, Robert Nurock, Philip Erlanger, Steve Nison and John McGinley.

Consider how difficult it would be to gather these luminaries in one place at your behest — then realize how easy it is to spend a few minutes with each in the pages of this collection.

After reading what the experts have to say in their own words, spend some time with some of the best trading techniques in history. Understand market momentum and study how double bottoms and double smoothing will affect your positions. And make a special effort to understand the large variety of chart patterns discussed in these pages: Knowing why they work and when to apply them could very easily prevent you from making a hideous trading error.

These pages are brimming over with well-reasoned solutions to any trading problem, including:

Learning from the experts is the best way to avoid making a mistake. That’s why STOCKS & COMMODITIES: Volume 9 is a significant addition to any library — and why it should be in yours.

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