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The International Online Trading Expo will host a four-day Online Trading Expo in New York February 17-20, 2001. The Expo will include tutorials taught by industry experts on topics such as chart reading and analysis, interpreting Nasdaq Level II quotes, fundamental analysis, determining entry and exit points, tax planning for traders, options and futures trading, high-probability chart pattern setups, mental discipline, and more. The exhibit hall will allow attendees to compare hundreds of trading tools, software programs, hardware systems, advisory services, and the latest in trading technology. 

The cost is $199 per person and includes access to the tutorial sessions; a bound syllabus of speaker handouts; and social events, such as two cocktail receptions. The six-hour preconference workshop with John Murphy is limited to 200 attendees at $395 per person and includes lunch. A free exhibit hall pass is available by preregistering at the Expo's Website. For online registration and convention details, visit the Online Trading Expo's Website at http://www.onlinetradingexpo.com or call 888 411-EXPO (3976).


GAIN Capital has announced support for additional currency pair and currency options. The expansion of product offering supports the firm's user base, which includes FX traders from more than 100 countries. GAIN now supports 24-hour, commission-free trading of US dollar/Canadian dollar (US$/C$), and all major crosses, bringing the total number of supported currency pairs to 20. The firm will also offer clients the ability to trade currency options. GAIN's Internet-based dealing system supports anonymous, one-click dealing from live, two-way quotes with one-second execution and confirmation.
GAIN Capital
150 Mount Bethel Road
Warren, NJ 07059-5192
908 542-0700, 877 GAINCAP
fax 908 542-0701


Tradingschool.com is a new, independent, educational company for training the daytrader, short-term momentum trader, and aggressive investor. The school was begun by Robert Deel, author and former registered investment advisor.

Tradingschool.com offers a curriculum for beginner or advanced traders who seek training in trading psychology and in the latest state-of-the-art technology. 

Classes are by registration only. Call for a list of class dates, information, or to register.
1740 E. Huntington Dr., Suite 302/303, Duarte, CA, 626 599-8385

1740 E. Huntington Dr., Suite 302/303
Duarte, CA, 626 599-8385


OptionVue Systems International, a developer of options analysis software, has released OptionVue 5, version 1.40. It includes full decimal capabilities and more than 15 other enhancements.

OptionVue 5, version 1.40, enables users to find and analyze options trading opportunities and manage individual trades and trading portfolios, using fractional pricing until they choose to make the transition to decimals. The software will then convert existing pricing data to decimals and accept new data in decimal format.

In addition to decimalization, OptionVue 5 1.40 adds many new features and enhancements that increase the software's versatility, performance, and ease of use, including one-click price updating; probability calculations; and variable volatility modeling that handles sparse or unreliable data. 

A 30-day trial is available for $49. 

OptionVue Systems International
800 733-6610


Zap Futures offers trading of all contracts traded through Globex II, including full-size S&P 500 contracts, Nasdaq, and currencies. Globex II only accepts limit orders and stop limit orders. Unlike the E-mini contract, the full-size contracts traded on Globex II do not take stops or market orders, although several strategies can be used to enter orders that act as stops and market orders. Globex II service through Zap Futures must be requested. Trading Globex II through Zap 2000 requires version 3.3.15 of the ComSpec software. 
ZAP Futures
233 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60606
800 441-1616



TraderBot has introduced Search Wizard, a new tool offering predefined searches developed by a variety of Wall Street experts. The Search Wizard provides more than 20 individual scans covering a broad range of trading strategies -- long-term, swing-trade, and short-term -- based on select fundamental data and technical indicators. Each predefined scan displays a comprehensive profile, including the strategy name, author, date of implementation, time horizon, strategic objective, and criteria specification. In addition, each strategy is assigned a star rating of one to five based on user feedback.

Authors contributing strategies to the Search Wizard include Harvey Baraban of Baraban Securities; Greg Morris of MurphyMorris Inc.; and directors from TradingMarkets.com. Additional contributing experts are expected to be announced shortly.

TraderBot functionality includes real-time financial scans on its SUReTick database, news searches, company profiles, portfolio alerts, and its Search Wizard library of custom scans.

Monthly subscriptions and free trials are available.


Austin Financial Group provides two new resources for traders who use custom time frame combinations in their trading. One is a free online magazine called Modern Speculation, which focuses on technical analysis involving more than one time frame. Traders interested in this type of technical analysis can sign up for the magazine, free of charge, at www.marketwarrior.com.

The second new tool from Austin Financial Group for traders who like to mix up their chart and indicator time frames is the new version 1.2 of MarketWarrior software. Version 1.2 provides indicators with Dynamic Time Frame Selection, which uses the time frame as an indicator input. This means the trader can apply an indicator to a bar chart and set the indicator to be calculated on any higher time frame.

Austin Financial Group
PO Box 152672
Austin, TX 78715-2672
phone/fax 512 280-5112


Track Data Corporation announced that with the Nasdaq's reduction in exchange fees for individual investors, myTrack members will see lower bills for market data. Nasdaq recently announced that the $50 monthly fee for individuals to access Nasdaq Level II data will drop to $10. This new fee schedule will be in effect for at least a year. 
he myTrack product is an integrated online brokerage and market data service. The market data service is available at four levels: basic (which is free), silver, gold, and platinum. Monthly data service prices vary from $19.98 per month for silver to $95 per month for platinum, plus exchange fees. Of course, "plus exchange fees" used to be the part that could really cost individual investors. Not long ago, real-time access to the Nyse, Amex, and Nasdaq Levels I and II cost about $65 per month. With this change in Nasdaq pricing, that $65 is now down to $13--that's a $624 yearly savings for individual investors. 

myTrack offers the first week of trading commission-free. 

Track Data
95 Rockwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
800-myTrack or 718 522-7373
fax 718 260-4375



Data Broadcasting Corporation announced the launch of its eSignal Market Scanner product line. Working in conjunction with its subsidiary, Trading Techniques, DBC has introduced a market scanner that searches the entire database of stocks from the NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq exchanges. The eSignal Market Scanner provides customizable search results over the Internet based on real-time price performance to remote traders, allowing them to quickly identify and capitalize on powerful market trading opportunities.

The eSignal Market Scanner is the latest in a series of eSignal product enhancements designed for active individual and institutional traders. The new customizable scanning service provides flexible user-defined searches that allow investors to view market activity in real time by exchange, price range, and volume. Information is presented in sophisticated graphical formats and integrated into eSignal for a complete momentum analysis and decision-support package. In addition, customers can view the market by sector and industry, conduct pre-market searches, and identify which stocks are rallying during crucial intraday market periods.




NeuroDimension has released version 1.1 of TradingSolutions, an end-of-day technical analysis program with neural network and genetic algorithm technologies. 

Release 1.1 adds several usability enhancements, including enhanced charting, import, and signal analysis tools; expanded correlation analysis options; and the addition of risk analysis measures. TradingSolutions sells for $995. A complete evaluation version is available for download free of charge from www.tradingsolutions.com.

NeuroDimension, Inc.
1800 North Main Street, Suite D4
Gainesville, FL 32609
800  634-3327, 352 377-5144
fax 352 377-9009



TradersCoach.com introduces The Trader's Assistant, which comes with trade posting cards. You can post the details of each trade and have a handy organizer so they are at your fingertips when you need them. It also helps you to identify your trading strengths and weaknesses. This system, which comes with a user's manual and workbook, is designed to get you organized and improve your trading. It includes trade posting cards and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tracking ledgers.

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