S&C CONTENTS PAGE January 2001, Vol. 19 No. 1

Gopalakrishnan Range Index
by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan
Should you be trading pork bellies or AT&T? How can you tell what you should be trading, besides painful experience? This might help you. 

Team Technical Analysis (Fixed Income): Saitta! Kepler! Krauss!
by John Sweeney
When Institutional Investor named its All-America Fixed-Income Technical Analysis Team, we decided to talk to the teamers about the market. 

Trading Momentum: Overbought and Oversold Levels
by Martin J. Pring
This veteran trader and market analyst starts a new series, this time discussing the basics of momentum trading. 

Since You Asked
by Don Bright
Professional trader Don Bright of Bright Trading answers a few of your questions. 

Christmas Comes Early With The DJIA
by John L. Momsen
Diving into the Dow Jones Industrial Average is made easier with this seasonal timing trick. 

The Gartley Setup
by Rudy Teseo
If identifying head-and-shoulders or cup-with-handle patterns has left you frustrated, don't despair! This classic system might be for you. 

How Many Options Actually Expire Worthless?
by Lawrence G. McMillan
It's a good question. And this options expert gives us the answer. 

You And Money
by Adrienne Laris Toghraie
Do you honestly want to make money? 

Traders' Resource: Books
You can wander around the Internet all you want, but for focused instruction on trading technique, the best information can still be found in the form of paper pages. Here's just a sampling of all that's available out there. 

Cover Art: Andrew Vanderkaar

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