S&C CONTENTS PAGE December 2000, Vol. 18 No. 12

Market Topology
by Nicolas Vandewalle, Ph.D.
Stock W affects stock X, which in turn affects stock Y, which drives stock Z. How do you work out all the interconnectivity? 

Yale Hirsch: Market Historian
by John Sweeney
Yale Hirsch is best known as the editor and publisher of The Stock Trader's Almanac. He is a stock market historian who could probably tell you, within reason, what the stock market is likely to do in any future year. That's not the result of any clairvoyance, but rather the result of his detailed analysis. 

Since You Asked
by Don Bright
Professional trader Don Bright of Bright Trading answers a few of your questions. 

Trading Andrews Lines
by John W. Chandler
If you've ever wanted to know how to use the Andrews pitchfork technique, movement to movement, this should help you. 

Volume-Weighted Average Pricing
by Michael Tanksley, Ph.D.
What price should you aim to beat in your trades? Here's what the pros use. 

Classic Point And Figure
by David Vomund
It was around before computers; it was around before calculators. It's been around forever, and it still works. It's point and figure charting, and it still offers unique advantages. 

Phasor Displays
by John F. Ehlers
A high-tech display pinpoints anomalies and trading opportunities in price behavior. 

Hilbert transform displays

Overcoming Trader's Block
by Hal Masover
You've done everything you can think of to profit from your trading. Why aren't you making any money? 

Traders' Resource: Mutual Funds
When investing with mutual funds, the issue is cost. Take a look at what's available. 

Cover Art: Tomoko Watanabe

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