S&C CONTENTS PAGE February 2001, Vol. 19 No. 2

Position Sizing With Monte Carlo Simulation
by Michael R. Bryant
Need to know how much to put on your next trade? You can figure it out with 95% reliability with this technique. 

Trade The Future(s): Tom Rietz
by John Sweeney
This associate professor of finance explains how Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) combines theoretical, empirical, and experimental work to research two primary areas: financial markets and decisions, and elections and voting decisions. Find out how IEM can predict how you think. 

Random sequences

Since You Asked
by Don Bright
Professional trader Don Bright of Bright Trading answers your questions.

The Chartist
by Edwin Polokoff
Charts don't lie, just in case you needed a reminder. 

Double-Bottom Confirmation Strategy
by Arthur Hill
Here's a strategy using a tried-and-true pattern to achieve faster entry signals and improve the reward-to-risk ratio. 

Percentage price oscillator calculation

Buff Up Your Moving Averages
by Buff Dormeier
Want better results? Combine your moving averages with volume and see what happens. 

Buff averages

60 securities tested

Market Breadth: Volume
by Dennis D. Peterson
Of all the market breadth measures to determine the overall health of the market, volume is perhaps one of the most difficult to use. 

Traders' Resource: Trading Systems
Looking for a trading system to help you automate your buy and sell decisions? To aid in your research, this month in Traders' Resource we present a list of publicly available trading systems, one of which may be right for you.

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