S&C CONTENTS PAGE April 2001, Vol. 19 No. 4

Nonlinear Ehlers Filters
by John F. Ehlers
Linear filters like moving averages are great for slow, "stationary" data. Unfortunately, prices aren't slow or stationary.

Two types of filters

Adaptive averages

Music Of The Markets: Victor B. Niederhoffer
by John Sweeney
The name may be familiar, but there's more to the man than just investments. He has served as advisor to the biggest names in finance, he is a five-time US squash champion, he is a well-respected writer. Who is he, really?

High-Probability Point And Figure
by Joe Demkovich
If you want buy and sell signals from a charting system, point and figure charting may be for you.

Point & figure technique

Analyzing Trends In Momentum
by Martin J. Pring
Momentum pure and simple is fine, but how about the trend of the momentum? Here's what it can tell you.

The Butterfly Setup
by Rudy Teseo
There's more than one way to use harmonic patterns to find likely buy/sell candidates.

Retail Trading Myths
by Don Bright
Besides being licensed, you have other hurdles and benefits to be aware of in trading with other people's money as well as your own.

Traders' Resource: Courses and Seminars
Here's a list of courses and seminars that focus on investment and trading topics.

  • Stockomatic.com
  • Terra Nova Online
  • The Art Of Electronic Futures Trading
  • System Trac
  • Aspen Graphics
  • Currency-Trader.com

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