S&C CONTENTS PAGE April 2005, Volume 23 Number 4

The Legend And The Lore: Richard Dennis
by Art Collins
Perhaps no one in the world of commodity trading has more lore attached to him than Richard Dennis, cofounder of the original Turtles system. S&C contributor Art Collins separates the myth from the man.

by Don Bright
This professional trader answers a few of your questions.

Trading Moving Average Pullbacks
by Steve Palmquist
Many traders have found success in trading pullbacks. But even a popular system needs to incorporate risk management.

Explore Your Options
by Tom Gentile
Got a question about options?

Measuring Flags And Pennants
by Markos Katsanos
This new statistically derived formula can help you estimate price targets more accurately.

Weight+Volume+Move-Adjusted Moving Average: It's WEVOMO!
by Stephan Bisse
What can moving averages tell you about the future of a time series?

Eight Steps To Successful Trader Tax Filing
by Jim Forrester, CPA
Taxes can always be tricky, especially so for traders.

A Marriage In Artificial Intelligence
by D.M. Wong, Ph.D.
Can you really make better decisions with more information? Perhaps artificial intelligence has the answer.

State Machines For Trading
by Glenn Barlis
A finite state machine is a model of a system that shows the possible states the system can attain. You can use it to model your own trading system.

Mind Control
by Michael Bois
The psychology of trading has always been a struggle. Perhaps the techniques here could provide a solution.

Elliott Wave 2005
by David Penn
The waves get larger, but the shape stays the same.

Fundamentals & Technicals, Together Again
by Vikram Murarka
Fundamentals and technicals, together in the euro/dollar market -- see what they can do.

Courses & Seminars For Traders
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  • ProphetX

  • Review: Software package providing access to real-time quotes and news in all futures markets
  • MTPredictor End-of-Day 4.0

  • Review: Trading system based on Elliott waves designed to identify trades with low risk/high returns
  • RealTick 8.0

  • Review: Technical analysis and trading software

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