S&C CONTENTS PAGE July 1999, Vol. 17 No. 7

A System For Trading Fidelity Select Funds
by Jay Kaeppel
Techniques for trading stocks, options, and futures can also be applied to mutual funds. 

From The Pit To The PC: Lewis J. Borsellino
by Thom Hartle 
The bull market in stocks has led to tremendous growth in trading the S&P 500 futures pits. S&C talked to top S&P trader Lewis Borsellino about his time in the pit. 

Correlation Among Stocks
by Michael P. Turner
If you are trading stocks, you may find opportunities by tracking the correlation among them. 

Correlation coefficient

How Great Traders Go Bad
by John A. Sarkett
As traders achieve success, they become more at risk for failure. Why? 

Insight into trading techniques

by Stuart Evens
Trend-following methods and indicators have advantages and drawbacks. To avoid the problems, momentum indicators can be used. 

Inherent Return In Futures Markets
by Charles R. Lightner
Is there an inherent return to a group that represents compensation for their acceptance of risk? 

Identifying Crucial Support And Resistance Levels
by Ned Gandevani
In support and resistance levels, some may be more important than others. 

Pseudo Securities For Technical Analysts, Part 2
by Charles E. Miller
Here, we explore the actual technique used to generate pseudo security data. 

Building your own pseudo security waveforms

- FastBreak 2.6/FastGraph 2.6 
- Jack Schwager's Complete Guide To Designing And Testing Trading Systems 
- Investor R/T 
- myTrack 

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