S&C CONTENTS PAGE May 2004, Vol. 22 No. 5

Understanding Intermarket Analysis With John J. Murphy
by Matt Blackman
Find out about intermarket analysis from the technician who knows it.

Ranked Relative Strength
by Jeff Parent
How do you know which sectors to trade?

Phase Change Index
by M.H. Pee
Which phase is your market going through? Find out by using this indicator.

TIPS The Inverse Fisher Transform
by John F. Ehlers
How often have you been indecisive about entering or exiting a trade? Get a clear indication this way.

  Volume-Weighted Moving Averages And The P&F
by Paul Fell
When crossovers and Xs together mark the spot.

The Bad, The Good, And The Profitable
by John L. Momsen
Here's why you have to research your trades as thoroughly as possible.

  The Coming Confirmation?
by David Penn
A Dow theory showdown looms.

Four Measures Of Market Volatility
by Frederic Ruffy
How do you read the Cboe's new measures of volatility?

  ADX: An Indicator And Trading System
by Ashwani Gujral
The average directional movement index can be both.

Price+Volume= Price Movement
by Tim Ord
Use price and volume to determine buy and sell signals.

Explore Your Options
by Tom Gentile
Got a question about options? Get your answer here.

Better Returns With Single-Stock Futures
by Jeffrey P. Seyler
What exactly are they?

  Market Timing With Candlesticks
by Steve Bigalow
Let the market tell you what it's going to do.

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