S&C CONTENTS PAGE April 2010, Volume 28 Number 5

Juggling Dynamite With Danielle Park
by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnanand and Bruce Faber
Attorney and Cfa Danielle Park is the author of the best-seller Juggling Dynamite and a popular blog, and she’s got a lot to say about the current financial situation.

 Modified Volume-Price Trend Indicator
by David G. Hawkins
Use this indicator to detect what the insiders are doing while they are doing it.

Trading Automated Spot Forex Systems
by Joseph James Gelet
Want to trade spot forex? With proper risk controls, this method can be used like options to take a position in the market.

Bear Market Survival Kit
by Anthony Trongone
What can you do when the market quickly changes direction?

Kondratieff Wave Comeback
by Koos van der Merwe
Will 2010 mark the end of the recession? Use the Kondratieff wave to find out.

by Don Bright
This professional trader answers a few of your questions.

 Automated Trading
by John Devcic
Can a self-directed trader use a computer that trades on its own?

RSI Trends
by Cory Mitchell
What does the behavior of the relative strength index within a trend tell you about the strength of the trend?

Signal Processing Basics
by Glenn Barlis
This is the first of a series that examines stock price analysis using the mathematical methods of signal processing.

Explore Your Options
by Tom Gentile
Got a question about options?

Futures For You
by Carley Garner
Here’s how the futures market really works.

Exchange Traded Funds
Similar to mutual funds in that they provide diversity, they can be traded on the exchanges.
Mutual Funds
And here’s a sample of mutual funds.

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